DRDO has developed many products for combating COVID-19. List of these products has been given below.
Interested agencies/ persons, before approaching industries directly, may kindly contact:

Director DIITMdiitm[at]hqr[dot]drdo[dot]in(011) 23007443, (011) 23007445, (011) 23013209
Dr Shiv kumar, Director ER & IPRerip_er[at]hqr[dot]drdo[dot]in(011) 23017661

For any other technical query regarding a particular product, DRDO Contacts mentioned against individual products in the list may be approached.

DRDO List of Industry Partners for Production of Equipment for Combating of COVID-19

1. Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensing Unit

2. Confined Area Disinfection Devices

2. Hand Surface Sanitizers

3. UV Based Disinfection Devices

4. Personnel Vehicle Area Sanitization Equipment

5. Sample Collection Enclosures

6. Hospital Aids

7. Patient Aids

8. Mobile Labs

9. PPE

10. Miscellaneous

11. Robots

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