• An automated portable device called Ozonated Radical Confined Space (ORCS) Disinfection Unit has been developed to support enhanced cleaning and sanitization of confined spaces. 
  • Ozone treatment of confined space at lower concentration can neutralize Corona Virus. The device uses optimal concentrations of Ozonated Fog which is dispersed after getting mixed with Radical dispensing solution ensuring sanitization of Confined Space. 
  • ORCS Disinfection Unit produces such aqueous fog, spreads 360⁰ and able to disinfect a room of 12 X 12 X 10 ft is less than 20 minutes. The spread of Ozonated fog is fast and it reaches to multiple penetration zones otherwise inaccessible to UV-C radiation which is also a method of Confined Space Sterilization.
  • The device uses 67% lesser than human permissible values of ozone (0.1 ppm x 8 h) as per OSHA 1999:1000 standard. It supports cold sanitization / sterilization process thus no issues of heating of Confined Space or any surface.
  • It is ideal equipment for home, health care unit, office, hotels, rail / metro /ship /air coaches, clinics, cars, ambulance for daily sanitization.  
  • The product is being mass produced by identified industrial partner.ORCS
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