Shri J Rajesh Kumar
Shri J Rajesh Kumar
Outstanding Scientist & Director, Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment (CVRDE)

Shri J Rajeshkumar, Outstanding Scientist graduated from College of Engineering Gundy, Anna University, Chennai Tamilnadu as a Mechanical Engineering in the year 1991. After undergoing training at Institute of Armament Technology (IAT), Girinagar, Pune as a Fellow of 2nd Mechanical Engineering Fellowship Course, he joined CVRDE, Chennai as Scientist ‘B’ in Oct 1992.

Shri J Rajeshkumar, is a system engineer with experience of developing Chassis and Automotive System and Turret and Weapon System of Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) tailor made for Indian Battle Conditions. His major areas of work have been:

  • Conceptualisation of Armoured Fighting Vehicles
  • Design and analysis of the related sub-systems, Major-systems and System of Systems
  • Integration of upgraded systems, trial evaluation leading to user acceptance and clearance for Bulk production towards induction into services.

He has vast experience in the conceptualisation, design & development of flagship Armoure Fighting Vehicles like MBT Arjun Mk-I, MBT Arjun Mk-IA, Light Tank. He has been involved in other major activities of CVRDE namely development and subsystem trial evaluation of MBT Arjun variants - Arjun CATAPULT, Arjun ARRV. He was involved in gunnery of MBT T-72 where he holds a patent for development of Reference Telescope for T-72 main gun. He has also contributed towards development of Aeromechanical systems, an offshoot of technology development in CVRDE, through design reviews, defect investigation etc..

After his post graduation in Machine Design from IIT-Madras, which he completed with flying colours and awards for best student and best project, he was extensively involved in conceptualisaiton of Future AFVs tailored to suit Indian terrain scenario, which, he generated a Detailed Project Report (25 volumes), as part of the project “Integrated Future Combat System Programme – Definition Phase”, for Future Main Battle Tank suitable to the Indian Scenarios. This he executed with the help of a cross functional task force team formed among sister DRDO laboratories through continuous brainstorming sessions and conduct of specialized course on Military Vehicle Technology for eighty scientists from the sister DRDO establishments.

During 2004-05, he was sponsored for Masters in Military Vehicle Technology at Royal Military College of Science (RMCS), Cranfield University, United Kingdom. He was conferred awards for best student in academics and for the best project.

On his return to India, he took upon himself configuration of Next Generation Main Battle tank and generated a Technology Appreciation Document after extensive consultative collaboration with the cross function task force team.

Towards development of Arjun MBT Mk IA, he has been instrumental in development, integration and trial evaluation of five major upgrades and eighteen minor upgrades. Following the success of Arjun MBT Mk IA.

Following his visit to the High Altitude Areas (HAA), during 2017, he conceived a Light Tank capable of being operational in HAA. The concept was converted into reality through a project for development of Light Tank even before the users requirement was floated.

He has held the office of Associate Director (MBT) and the Project Director of the Nation’s Prestigious product Light Tank. He has also actively involved in realizing qty 118 Nos. of MBT Arjun Mk IA through development of critical subsystems like Track Width Mine Plough, Roof Mounted Driver’s Seat, Remote Controlled Weapon Station etc. for Arjun MBT Mk IA. His present target is to have maximum indigenous contents in all the AFVs designed and developed by CVRDE/DRDO

Shri J Rajeshkumar holds eight patents to his credit and has been conferred many awards including DRDO Young Scientist Award, Laboratory Scientist of the Year Award, Commendation certificate for meritorious service.

He assumed the office of Director, CVRDE on 1st Oct 2023.

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