Investment Casting

Investment Casting

  • Name of Author : Dr AM Sriramamurthy
  • Pages: 360
  • ISBN : XXX-XX-86514-83-2
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  • Publisher : DESIDOC
  • Year of Publishing : 2015

About the Monograph

Modern aircrafts operate on high efficiency gas turbine engines. Making the turbine engine components such as blades and vanes, which operate at high temperatures under very demanding conditions, is more of an art, restricted only to a few advanced technology companies in the world. Investment casting process technology forms the backbone of producing such components on an industrial scale. This technology demands expertise in a variety of engineering fields, from super alloy metallurgy and high temperature ceramics to complex tool design and fabrication, surface coatings, testing and quality control, etc. This monograph attempts to provide a comprehensive description of this highly specialised technology developed indigenously in Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory (DMRL), through the research efforts of numerous scientists over a period of three decades. An exposition of the principles underlying various processes for casting a variety of gas turbine engine parts, with equiaxed, columnar grained, single crystal structure and integral bladed (blisk) castings, is also included for the benefit of interested students and researchers. The monograph also covers some of the innovations that led to the indigenous design and fabrication of major/critical tools and equipments, thus making the technologies developed comprehensive and helping achieve a high level of self-reliance.

About the Author

Dr AM Sriramamurthy joined DMRL after completing his BE and ME in metallurgy from the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru in 1972. He worked throughout his career on the development of investment casting technology for making super alloy aerofoil castings for gas turbines. He has distinguished himself as one of the foremost experts in the country in this area. Apart from this, his research interests and expertise span a wide range of areas in optics, diffraction, mechanics, mechanical/deformation behaviour of materials, structure property correlation, and thermodynamics.

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