Sammukh - Video conferencing solution in Internet

  • This VC facility is provided for DRDO community to meet the requirement of uninterrupted working. This VC facility has been setup in DRDO premises and is named as SAMMUKH.
  • A typical usage scenario diagram of SAMMUKH is shown in the Figure 1.The Sammukh VC server is hosted on secured domain.fig1
  • It is based on WebRTC video-conference, and it uses modern XMPP communication server for high performance audio-video conferencing.
  • The VC Traffic is under control and do not go outside DRDO. Three-tier independent Access control / authentication have been provided i.e. Website Access, VC Room Creation and Room Entry Password. A firewall is implemented to protect the system from cyber attacks. Other security and encryption features have also been used to make it safe.
  • The gives HD quality video, lossless audio, supports more than 100 participants, provides private meeting rooms, screen share option and chat box for the participants. The controls (Mike, Speaker, Video) have been provided in user friendly manner.
  • Detailed SOP has been issued by DRDO. DRDO officials and MOD Departments/ Units may obtain User login/access credentials for SAMMUKH VC facility as per their requirement.
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