Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
Artillery GunAdvanced Recoil Mechanism for Artillery GunsARDE
Compact Suspension System for Artillery GunsARDE
Gyro-Stabilization for Sensors Head of Artillery GunsARDE
Light Weight Materials for Gun structural SystemsARDE
Manufacturing technology for Light Weight Materials for Gun Structural SystemsARDE
Robotic Arm based Autonomous Round Identification, Pickup and Loading for Artillery gunsARDE
BarrelComposite barrel with metallic Insert and Thermal autofrettaging the barrelARDE
BrakesComposite muzzle brake with metallic liner with better thermal shock resistanceARDE
Cased TelescopedMedium Caliber Cased Telescopic Weapon Station (CTWS) Gun Station for VehiclesARDE
Cased Telescopic  Ammunition for Different ApplicationsARDE
CoatingsErosion and Wear Resistant Coating on Gun Barrel BoreARDE
Laser Hardening and Cryogenic Coating of the Muzzel break of High Caliber GunsARDE
Nickel Boron Coating for Gun Muzzel Break for Longer Life, High Reliability and Easy CleaningARDE
Gatling Air Defence GunMulti Body Dynamics software, Mechanism Design and Analysis ToolsARDE
Operational Requirements and specifications for Gatling Air Defecne GunARDE
360 deg Revolving Slip-ring based Gun mountARDE
Advanced Materials and Technologies for gun systemsARDE
Camouflage, Concealment, firing signature management, Detection Avoidance and Stealth operationARDE
Combustible Cartridge and Proximity/Programmable Fuze based AmmunitionsARDE
Electrical Drive and Actuation System for Gatling GunARDE
EO/IR, Radar based Tracking and Targetting SystemARDE
Post Firing Target Damage Assessment CapabilitiesARDE
Revolving Feed and Firing mechanism, Mis-fire ManagementARDE
Ruggedized, Digitally Operated, Embedded Electronics, Power Electronics, Controllers, Sensors, Drivers, Thermal Management and Sensor to Shooter LogicARDE
Use of AI in best Weapon Selection and Autonomous EngagementsARDE
Six Sigma Quality System for Component Manufacture, System Integration and TestingARDE
Gatling GunMulti-Role Operations using different or same ammunitionsARDE
Gun for MBTAutonomous Threat Engagement of Main Battle Tank (MBT)ARDE
Gun Stabilization Technology - Electro-Mechanical StabilizersARDE
Self Obturating Breech Mechanism for Tank GunsARDE
Threat based Ammunition Selection for Main Battle Tank (MBT) Gun SystemARDE
Hyper Velocity RAM Gun (HVRG)Inbore Supersonic Flow AnalysisARDE
Ram Accelerator based Barrel and Projectile Contour DesignARDE
Stochiometric Loading of Propellant Mixture to Propellant ChamberARDE
Magneto Plasma GunCharacterization of Bi-Modular Charge System Propellant with Additional Plasma Generating SaltsARDE
Internal Ballistic Prediction and Characterization of Bi-Modular Charge System propellantARDE
Simulation and Analysis of Confined PlasmaARDE
Magnetized Plasma Confinement Using Pulse Power System and Multi-Layered SolenoidARDE
Piston Compression Light Gas Gun (PCLG)Breech design and Ammunition Feeding MechanismARDE
PropellantHigh Nitrogen Compounds (HNCS) & Carboranes based propellant with higher Force Constant & less Flame temperature for tank/ artillery gun ammunitionsHEMRL
Nitramine based Gun propellant (HPGP) for tank gun ammunitionHEMRL
Tetraazadecalin (TNSTAD) based propellant with lower flame temperature & higher Force constant (FC) for tank/ artillery gun ammunitionsHEMRL
PropulsionAdvanced Modular Charge System (MCS) for Artillery GunsHEMRL
High Performance Gun Propulsion (HPGP) system for FSAPDSHEMRL
Nitroglycerin (NG) based propulsion systems for FSAPDSHEMRL
Propulsion system for Anti Tank ammunition for battle tanksHEMRL
RArefaction waVE guN (RAVEN)Gun system integration with firing platform and Performance EvaluationARDE
Time Synchronization of Recoil, Rarefaction waves and Back blastARDE
Vent Design and Mechanics for RArefaction waVE guN (RAVEN) GunARDE
Recoil MechanismCased Telescopic Gun's Recoil and Rotating Breech SystemARDE
RLPG GunFeed and Breech Mechanism of Regenerative Liquid Propellant Gun RLPG gunsARDE
Liquid Hypergolic Bi-Propellant Synthesis for Regenerative Liquid Propellant Gun (RLPG) GunARDE
Liquid Propellant Capsule Container, Regenerative Injection, Propellant Burning Chamber with Heat Resistant Coating for Regenerative Liquid Propellant GunARDE
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