Flight Simulators

Flight Simulators

Avionics Part Task Trainer (APTT) for upgraded MIG-27

The APTT is a Real-Time Part Task Trainer used for providing training to the pilots of upgraded aircraft. The main emphasis in the APTT is to provide functional simulation of all the avionics subsystems of the upgraded aircraft, EW systems and weapon release systems. It provides training under normal flying (take off, landing and en route navigation) and under failure conditions.

Computerized Pilot Selection System (CPSS)

The system is used to evaluate the candidates’ psychomotor skills along with cognitive information processing skills. A state-of-the-art embedded micro controller based CPSS with built-in security features has been designed and developed. The tests comprehensively evaluate the qualities required for military pilots such as psychomotor skills, Information processing skills (speed and accuracy), coordination, visualization, time-sharing, etc. by subjecting the candidates to perform concurrent multiple tasks.

Pilot mental workload assessment Simulator

This state-of-the-art simulation facility consisting of a flight simulator based on Real Time Simulator (RTS) and three channel visual projection display system along with cylindrical screen integrated with other psycho physiological measurement systems are especially established to assess the mental workload of fighter pilots. This facility is used to get a real time data capture for mental workload studies. The data collection is mission & task based and as such would help in building statistical models to arrive at the pilot’s work load for a given task and estimate the spare capacity of the pilot for better utilization.

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