• An Automated System for Decontamination of Face masks is developed based on ‘Ultraviolet (UV–C) germicidal irradiation for killing the bacteria’ and Virus.
  • This unit comprises of two subsystems. One is the Air Sterilization Unit (ASU) and the other is Automated Feeding Supply of face masks configured as per time required for sterilization of every mask. Very high intensity radiation is achieved inside the ASU to the tune of 69.07 J/s/cm2 which ensures the high Sterility Assurance Level (SAL).
  • The sterilization efficacy of the unit conducted through virus challenge studies. The studies are being carried out in Bio Safety Cabinet (BSC) class II-b in a contained environment.
  • The prototype is realized and it is able to meet the US-FDA requirement of “viricidal activity of atleast 3 log reduction”. The face masks thus treated in this system can be reused for many cycles.
Prototype for Automated Decontamination of Facemasks
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