Dr G Madhusudhan Reddy
Dr G Madhusudhan Reddy
Outstanding Scientist & Director, Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory (DMRL)

Dr G Madhusudhan Reddy obtained his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with distinction from Kakatiya University in 1985. He completed his master’s degree with Honours from IIT Roorkee in 1987. He started his carrier as a Scientist in 1987 at CVRDE, Chennai. He was transferred to DMRL, Hyderabad in 1989. In DMRL, he embarked on focused research in the welding of Aluminium-Lithium alloys for his Doctoral degree at IIT Madras. He was awarded Sudarshan Bhat Memorial Prize for the best thesis during the convocation in the year 1999.

Dr Reddy‘s career spanning nearly 32 years is marked by significant R&D contributions in the field of materials joining and surfacing and have been direct applications in defence and aerospace technologies. He is very well known internationally for his excellence in the field of friction-stir welding of very large components. He has made a significant breakthrough by establishing ballistic capabilities in welds, comparable to those of parent armour. Dr Reddy brought out the influence of electron beam oscillation and pulsed laser welding techniques in reducing the Laves phase during welding of super alloys, thereby improving the mechanical properties of aero-engine components. He has also developed the technology for welding of low alloy steel shaft to a cast super alloy blisk in solid state and brazing of aero-foil castings to the shroud rings for aerospace programs. Dr Reddy has contributed significantly to the structural integrity of joints in aerospace components and has setup one of the leading solid-state welding laboratories in the country at DMRL, which he continues to lead. Dr Reddy’s pioneering research on the refinement of weld zone microstructure, employing pulsed and arc oscillation technology, led to the evelopment of joining technology for difficult-toweld aluminium and titanium alloys employed in aerospace. Some of his other notable contributions include failure analysis of weldments related to armoured vehicles, premature failure of several motor casings made of ultrahigh strength steel, and bridge layered tanks.

Dr Reddy is the recipient of a number of awards for his outstanding contributions including Metallurgist of the Year Award (2007), Scientist of the Year Award (2013), ‘National Technology Day Award (2017), Bharat Ratna Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvarya Award (2018) by the Government of Telangana, GD Birla Gold Medal (2019), Binani Gold Medal (2010 and 1994), SAIL Gold Medal (2013), Technology Leadership Award (2018), Keith Hartley Memorial Award (2015), SK Mazumdar Memorial Award (2012), Engineer of the Year Award (2002) and Andhra Pradesh Scientist Award (2006). He has won 35 best paper awards for his scientific contributions from various professional Societies. He has been elected Fellow of American Society of Metals, Indian National Academy of Engineering and Telangana Academy of Sciences, Andhra Pradesh Academy of Sciences, Indian Institute of Metals, Indian Institute of Welding, and Indian Welding Society.

He has published more than 260 research papers in referred journals and equal number in conference proceedings apart from possessing several patents to his credit. He has the distinction of guiding several students for their doctoral degrees.

Dr Reddy has conducted several workshops. He is a Member, Governing Council, International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials, Hyderabad. His expertise has been utilized as a Member: Board of studies for major Universities of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

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