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Design Organization Approval Scheme (DOAS)

Design Organization Approval Scheme (DOAS)

What is DOAS
  • DOAS is a means to recognize the Design Organization(DO) that has a well-defined Design Assurance System (DAS) for enabling the DOs to be an applicant/ holder of Military Type Certificate (MTC) for Air Systems and Type Approvals (TA) for Airborne Stores.
  • DOAS is not pre-requisite for bidding process or developments contracts.
  • DOAS approval is ‘Process Driven’ at par with International Practices.
Intent of DOAS
  • Capability of any firm to ‘Meet Airworthiness Certification Requirements’.
  • DOAS is a means for ‘Effective Engagement between Design organization & CEMILAC’.
  • Emphasis is on ‘Design Assurance Process’.
  • Required for firms Developing ‘Critical & Complex Products’ leading to Type Certification (Aircraft) and Type Approval (LRUs).
Scope of DOAS
  • Leverages on Industry driven accreditation process like AS9100, CMM and NADCAP approvals.
    • Third party accreditations are uniform, faster.
    • Enables firms to work for military aviation.
  • Emphasis is for Main Contractorsthat develop ‘Complex’ products like
    • Air systems (Aircrafts, Helicopters, Engines, Missiles).
    • Airborne Equipment (Flight & Mission Critical Systems and LRUs).
  • Not applicable for organization that develop ‘Modules, Components and Materials) that are part of Air System & Airborne Equipment.
  • Gives the flexibility to main contractor to select and integrate sub modules.
Prerequisites for DOAS
  • Should be AS9100 Approved
    • Ensures that Basic Development Processes are in place.
  • The firm should have robust ‘Design Assurance Process’
    • Establishment of an Airworthiness Group & Independent Monitoring Group.
    • Exclusive ‘Compliance Verification Engineers’ – Competent & specialized engineers for Independent Verification & Validation.
    • Rigorous Analysis and Review Processes.
    • Requisite Tools for analysis and Testing.
    • Stringent Configuration Management.
  • A detailed document called ‘Design Organization Exposition Manual’ that covers-
    • Design Assurance Process.
    • Organization Structure to that ensures Design Assurance Process.
Benefits of DOAS

For D&D Organizations

  • Privileges
    • CEMILAC can delegate some of its activities to ‘Airworthiness Group’.
      Note: Currently delegations are accorded only for only non-critical products and minor changes to mission critical products.
    • Reduced stage gated certification visits to CEMILAC leading to faster product development. 
  • International Recognition
    • Once mutual recognitions are established with foreign airworthiness authorities, firms with DOA would have international status.

For User Services

  • Ensures that D&D Organization perennially follows the demonstrated process throughout product life-cycle.
  • Reduced latent defects with high reliability products through strict adherence to process.
Eligibility Criteria
  •  DOs registered in India.
  •  DOs meeting one of the following criteria
    • For Air System Design Organization (ASDO)
      • One Type Certificate (TC) / Amended Military Type Certificate (AMTC) / Supplementary Military Type Certificate (SMTC) from CEMILAC.
      • Active Involvement with CEMILAC towards Certification for 06 Years.
      • A product which is currently under certification with CEMILAC.
        • From the time of submission of Airworthiness Certification Plan (ACP).
    • For Store Design Organization (SDO)
      • One TA form CEMILAC .
      • Active Involvement with CEMILAC towards certification for 02 Years.
      • A product which is currently under certification with CEMILAC from the time of submission of ACP.
  • Holding Approval of Firms and its Quality Management System(AFQMS) and/or AS9100 Approval.
How to Apply

Interested DOs may send a request mail to Director (Materials& Public Interface) at dte-mat[dot]pi[at]gov[dot]in.

Post receipt of request, CEMILAC will send detailed guidelines for submission of application.

Point of Contact
  • Submission of Application 80A & DOE

Chief Executive (Airworthiness),
Centre for Military Airworthiness & Certification (CEMILAC), DRDO,
Government of India, Ministry of Defense Marathahalli Colony Post,
Bengaluru –560 037

Kind Attention: Director (Materials & Public Interface)
E-Mail: dte-mat[dot]pi[at]gov[dot]in
Phone No.:080-25121406/ 080-25121401

  • Post issue of Token Number

1. Shri Sanjeev Kumar Jha, Sc 'G'
Email- sk[dot]jha[dot]cemilac[at]gov[dot]in
Phone No.: 080-25121406/1401

2. Colonel BhavikKaul, VSM (Retired)
E-Mail: dte-mat[dot]pi[at]gov[dot]in
Phone No.: 080-25121408/1401

Important Points for DOAS Applicants 

  • Token Number will be issued on receipt of DOE from DO.
  • Only Three (03) tokens will be issued per quarter.
  • Issue of token will be on first come first basis.
  • If more than three DOE’s are received in one quarter, then Application will rollover to next quarter and accordingly Token Number will be issued.
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