Shri K S Varaprasad

Shri K S Varaprasad

Distinguished Scientist & Director General - Human Resources (HR)

Sh KS Varaprasad obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from JNTU College of engineering, Anantapur and Master’s Degree in Microwave and Radar Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

Sh KS Varaprasad joined Integrated Test Range (ITR) Chandipur, a missile complex laboratory in July 1989 and started his career in the field of Telemetry Data Acquisition and analysis. He worked in the company of key national experts in this domain and became a specialist in this critical filed. He has been instrumental in expanding the telemetry facilities of the range and contributed towards successful realization of national missile development programs including Integrated Guided Missile Programme (IGMDP).

Sh KS Varaprasad was posted to DRDL, a major missile development laboratory under missile complex during May 2001. In DRDL he continued his career as Head of Range System’s Division and went on to become Director of Instrumentation in the year 2005. His salient contributions at DRDL include Down Range Instrumentation for long range missiles, Air-borne telemetry data acquisition system for missiles with low cruise phase trajectory, Pontoon instrumentation system for under water missile programme, Scramjet instrumentation for Hypersonic Technology demonstrator etc.

Sh KS Varaprasad was appointed as Project Director, HELINA, a Helicopter Launched Anti Tank Guided Missile. HELINA is designated to play the role of ATGM in the integrated weapon network of Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH_WSI). Under his leadership the basic system design, platform integration and separation/control/guided flight trials have been successfully accomplished along with Aviation Wing of Indian Army and HAL. As Project Director he made noteworthy contributions in the fields of Missile Avionics, Air-bone Fire Control System including launchers, IIR Seekers, FOG sensors and Two-way jam-resistant missile data links.

Sh KS Varaprasad was appointed as Director of one of important DRDO laboratories in New Delhi from 01 Oct 2016 and fulfilled the responsibilities successfully for two years. Sh KS Varaprasad was appointed as Director General (Human Resources) since 01 Oct 2018. Fields of interest for Research of Sh KS Varaprasad are Telemetry and Instrumentation for missiles, Image Processing & guidance algorithms of ATGMs, Missile and Satellite Communication/Data links with Anti Jam and Security features.

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