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CVRDE is the Centre for Design, Development, Prototype manufacture, Trial & Evaluation and Technology Transfer of the State-of-the art Armoured Fighting vehicles and specialized Vehicles for Armed Services.

ARJUN Main Battle Tank, the flagship product of CVRDE, has been designed to meet Army's stringent requirements and provides High Mobility, Superior Firepower, Enhanced Protection and Crew Comfort. The other Armoured vehicles developed by CVRDE which have gone into production are Armoured Patrol Car, Armoured Recovery Vehicle, 130 mm SP gun on Vijayanta, Carrier Mortar Tracked Vehicle and Missile Carrier Vehicle for IGMDP, Bridge Layer Tank(BLT-72), Combat Improved Ajeya and Armoured Ambulance. CVRDE has successfully developed Aircraft Mounted Accessory Gear Box (AMAGB), Aircraft Bearings, PTO Shaft, 5kW Brushless DC Generator and Hydraulic Filters for LCA Tejas. CVRDE has also enhanced its infrastructure through Creation of Test Facilities for Engine and Suspension systems of AFVs, state-of-the art EMI/EMC Test facility, testing for Aircraft sub systems and developed Training Simulators for ARJUN MBT Drivers and Gunners.

Based on the expertise gained, ARJUN Mk-II has been developed successfully with enhanced performance which includes Missile firing capability, Improved Commander's Panoramic Sight, Track Width Mine Plough, Automatic Target Tracking, Advanced Land Navigation System, Power Driven Air Defense Gun, Advanced Running Gear System, Containerization of Ammunition Bin with Individual Shutters, Explosive Reactive Armour.

CVRDE has also developed the Arjun Catapult by integrating the 130 mm M-46 gun with Arjun MBT Chassis as self-propelled artillery system for the Indian Army and as well as Carrier Command Post Tracked (CCPT) vehicle for accomplishing all tactical/technical fire control functions to achieve effective deployment of Self-Propelled (SP) Artillery guns.

On the Technological front, CVRDE has excelled in a gamut of technologies related to Combat Systems which include In-Vehicle Networking with Multi-Bus Architecture, Digital Management of Powerpack, Battlefield Management System, Inter VehicleInformation System.

Electronic Fuel Injection System, Advanced Fire Control Stereo Vision, Image Fusion & Map display, Indigenous Fiber Gyros and ATE for Compact Electronics Unit, All Electric Drive,400hp Electronically Controlled Power pack for BMP-II and currently working on projects such as indigenous development of Arjun Armoured Recovery and Repair Vehicle (ARJUN ARRV) with higher capacity subsystems to facilitate recovery and repair functions of Arjun MBT in service with Indian Army and ICV-Command Vehicle. CVRDE is spearheading the National Mission Project for Development of 1500 hp Engine and Transmission. CVRDE has ventured into the development of Unmanned Ground Armoured Combat System by conversion of BMP-II into tele-operated /autonomous vehicle (MUNTRA), Nano technology and Landing Gear system for Rustom II. CVRDE has an Advanced Centre for Engineering Analysis & Design Validation through FEA, CFD, Dynamic analysis and Virtual Reality.