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 Vol. 9  No 5 October  2001            


Spin Recovery System for LCAThe world scenario has changed rapidly after the end of the cold war, and accordingly, the requirement of today's defence forces have changed dramatically. The evaluation of electronics has further changed the face of conventional battlefield to today's digital battlefield. The rapid and dynamic movements, fast data acquisition and precision guided weapons have become need of the day.


From the Desk of Special Editor

Dr S.K. SalwanFuture battlefields in the 21st century will continue to be dominated by conventional armaments and the outcome of armed conflicts will be largely decided by the level of advanced high technologies and resultant enhancement and performance capabilities of the conventional weapons and munitions.

It is envisaged that conventional armaments would go through a radical metamorphosis resulting from the convergence and synergy of enhancements in the above three thrust areas together with revolutionary advances in C4I2SR (Command, Control, Communication, Computers, Information, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) technologies, artificial intelligence, sensors, mechatronics and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), all leading to a new generation of weapon systems incorporating these 'Force Multiplier' technologies, in both launch platforms and munitions, with varying degree of intelligence autonomy and super precision strike capabilities at extended ranges. Such systems together with advanced battle management systems with near real-time situational awareness, would enable field commanders and units to complete their combat missions irrespective of weather, terrain or visibility conditions and constraints, and gain total dominance of the battle space. In fact, conventional armaments are going through a new 'Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA)' phase in which advanced technologies have become the drivers and enabling mechanisms.

This special issue of Technology Focus attempts to focus on high energy materials, new technologies in propulsion systems, evaluation techniques of armaments and global trends in the field of armaments.

Dr Sudershan Kumar Salwan