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   Vol . 8  No. 5 & 6  October/December 2000    

Naval Research Board

The Naval Research Board (NRB), set up in September 1996, is aimed to strengthen and deepen the knowledge base related to the naval environment. The Board has instituted a Grants-in-Aid Scheme to nurture research talent and to create research facilities in IITs, other universities, higher technological institutions, colleges and other research centres including industries in the country for promoting basic research, design and development. The scheme is coordinated through specialist panels constituted for selected disciplines, namely, materials, hydrodynamics, sonar and signal behaviour; ocean environment, and scientific computing. The eminent professors from IITs and researchers from other institutions are heading these panels and are assisted by selected experts in the respective technology areas.

The Board focuses on the generation and enhancement of the knowledge base leading to the exploitation of the sea for military purposes. The Board invites research proposals focusing on substantial phenomena or observations that are not understood and where the lack of understanding is a serious obstacle to scientific or technological progress. The knowledge base thus generated will be embodied in higher quality technical manpower and in the development of new techniques and design tools.

The Board supports basic research that will generate new knowledge potentially useful to the Navy and to train young minds to generate and apply the knowledge for naval purposes. The Board sets down the principals and practices governing the relationship of DRDO with academic think tanks, non-profit research institutions in India and abroad as well as laboratories of the other agencies like CSIR. The research programmes are approved for funding based on evaluation and recommendations of specialist panels. These specialist panels also carry out the role of project monitoring and review. The Board has approved 28 projects on the technology areas falling within the purview of the specialist panels. These projects have made considerable progress. Many new proposals are under consideration for funding. The Board is also considering to provide all possible help to the researchers to undertake NRB research projects as part of their MTech and PhD programmes. The researchers are encouraged to utilise the infrastructure and facilities of DRDO to pursue their project work.

The Board is conducting seminars on leading technology areas to provide a forum for the researchers to exchange their ideas, share experience and to identify technology gaps to generate research proposals. The first seminar conducted by the Board was on Stealth as Applicable to Naval Environment held in November 1998 at NPOL, a leading DRDO lab engaged in the development of underwater sensors. The second seminar conducted by the Board was on Naval Materials--Present & Futuristic trends in December 2000 at NMRL, the DRDO lab dedicated to the development of naval materials. Through these seminars, the Board is creating a vast database for the researchers to locate technology areas for their research activities and to obtain the needed input.

The Board has decided to set up centres of excellence at various IITs to expedite research work on wide ranging technology areas. The first centre is going to be set up at IIT Delhi. These centres will also provide MTech and PhD programmes related to naval technologies. In the years to come, NRB will be able to provide technology base for DRDO labs to undertake development programmes specific to user requirement. NRB will reduce the time span for realising new technologies and developing new generation systems.

For more information, please contact :

The Member Secretary, Naval Research Board
Directorate of Naval R&D
Room No.126, B Wing I Sena Bhavan
New Delhi-110 011

Tele No. : 011-3012405
Fax No. : 011-3013567
E-mail : dnrd@nausena.mil.in