DESIDOC has set up a Multimedia Lab under RDF Division for designing Multimedia applications, presentations, training programmes, etc. For this purpose it has already purchased advanced and latest systems such as designing workstations (Power PC 8500, Mac LC 475, and 75 MHz Pentium computers) high resolution colour scanner, digital camera, optical disc drive, Multimedia projector, Multi-system VCR and CTV, etc. This group is also planning to acquire a CD-Writer an audio-video tools for preparing in-house Multimedia CD-ROMs. Now this lab equipped with required software for preparing Multimedia presentations and applications. This group already started working on Multimedia designing and produced two CDs in collaboration with outside agencies. However, efforts are being taken to make it self-sufficient both in terms of hardware / software and technical manpower.

MULTIMEDIA LAB.On the suggestion of DRC, recently DESIDOC had conducted a CEP course on Multimedia at IAT, Pune for the DRDO Scientists from 24-29 June 1996. The entire course material, product demonstrations, hands on practical classes, etc are all designed and developed for this purpose by this group. This group also provided consultancy service to outside interested agencies in 1996.

MULTIMEDIA LAB.Anybody interested more information about the Multimedia Lab or required consultancy in setting up of these facilities, training, designing Multimedia applications, presentations, training programmes etc, may

Please contact:
Director, DESIDOC, Metcalfe House, Delhi - 110 054.


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