Vol.7     No.5      October1999                                                                 ISSN:0971-4413
Bulletin of Defence Research & Development Organisation


Illuminating ammunition provides illumination for locating targets during attack and defence at night with particular reference to engagement of targets by various weapons, such as rifle, LMG, MMG, etc. A whole family of illuminating ammunition has been developed indigenously by DRDO, fully meeting tactical requirements of the user in respect of luminosity range and adequate burning time for observations. All these ammunition give comparable performance with any other such ammunition of international variety.

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Bomb 51 mm Illuminating: This ammunition has been provided with multiple delay mechanism. Using four-delay mechanism, constant height of burst over complete range of operation is achieved without changing mortar elevation. The system has been designed with the concept that an average infantry soldier with normal training and judgment can bring in the illumination at desired range. Single charge helps in achieving minimum and maximum ranges.

Bomb 81 mm Illuminating: Using polyester resin as a binder in ME 425 illuminating composition, the luminosity of one million candella has been achieved. Nylon parachute system with nylon cords help minimising the rate of descent. The ammunition has a low cost sturdy 12-fin extruded tail unit and forged alloy lower body for reduction of over all mass.

Shell 105 mm Illuminating: Shell 105 mm illuminating has been developed by DRDO and introduced into the Services as Mk-I. The Mk-II ammunition has also been developed with the same ballistic parameters of Mk-I design of illuminating ammunition and HE. In order to withstand the higher stresses, the hardness of the shell body has been increased.

Bomb 120 mm Illuminating: Double separation system enables smooth ejection and para deployment, thereby reducing para failures. Assembly of candle and parachute in capsule form renders the assembly easy. Using polyester resin as a binder, ME-426 illuminating composition and calcium oxalate as a coolant in composition, luminosity of one million candella has been achieved.

All these illuminating bombs can be fired from existing 51 mm, 81 mm, 120 mm mortars and 105 mm guns in widespread service with a large number of armies around the world. The bombs are currently in large scale production with Ordnance Factories.

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