Vol.7     No.5      October1999                                                                 ISSN:0971-4413
Bulletin of Defence Research & Development Organisation



DRDO has developed two types of mine clearing equipments, namely, Charge Line Mine Clearing (Vehicles) (CLMC(V)) and Charge Line Mine Clearing (Personnel)(CLMC(P)).

pin1.gif (1016 bytes)CLMC (V)

This equipment has been developed to clear pressure-sensitive antitank mines in a mine field and to create a safe lane of 300 m length and 6 m width for the tank movement. The equipment consists of an explosive line charge which is projected onto the mine field with the help of rocket cluster. The equipment is mounted on a trailer which is capable of being towed by a tank. The line charge is straightened in flight with the help of parachutes. An initiator is fixed at the rear end of the explosive hose which detonates the explosive after a delay of 10 s on landing. The blast generated on detonation actuates the pressure-susceptible antitank mines. The item is under production for the Services.

pin1.gif (1016 bytes)CLMC (P)

This equipment is developed to clear antipersonnel mines in the mine field to create a 180 m long and 0.5 m wide path. The equipment consists of an explosive filled hose and a rocket motor to project the hose onto the mine field. A parachute connected to the rear end of the hose helps to keep the hose straight while landing on ground. It also consists of two initiators each fixed at front and rear ends of the hose. The initiators function after a delay of about 8 s after landing and detonate the explosive. The blast generated on detonation, actuates the pressure-sensitive antipersonnel mines. The equipment can be used in the assault stage of an attack operation for providing safe lanes to infantry. If safe lanes are not possible to be made during assault stage due to tactical reasons, the equipment can be used in the reorganisation stage for making safe lanes. The equipment has already been introduced into the Services.

Important Characteristics
Parameter                              CLMC(V) CLMC(P) Parameter CLMC(V) CLMC(P)
Explosive Propellant (kg)  16 4.2
Length (m)                               300 in 10 segments 180 in       6 packs Total weight (kg) 32 16

Weight (kg)                        

240 in each   segments 78 General 
Hose OD (mm) 125 30 Total Weight(kg) 3300 251
Stand off (m) 50-70 50-100
Total Weight(kg)

330 of each


32 Safelane distance(m)
Rocket Length 250-300 180
No. of rockets 6 1 Width 6.0 0.5