Vol.7     No.5      October1999                                                                 ISSN:0971-4413
Bulletin of Defence Research & Development Organisation


Reduction of a high bank is a critical activity in an opposed crossing across a water obstacle/river/canal/ditch-cum-bund, within the tactical time frame available for launching a suitable Tfoct1-7.tif (360492 bytes)bridge to ensure the mobility of mechanised army. Conventionally, the task is accomplished with the help of earth augers or by placing plastic explosive inside the hole and creating breach by initiating it. The method is quite cumbersome, time consuming and exposes the army personnel to the enemy for longer duration. DRDO has designed and developed a man-portable Bund Blasting Device to overcome these problems. The newly developed device is based on the principle of hollow charge and a rocket-assisted high explosive (HE) follow-through projectile.


The system consists of a hollow charge initiation device and the main HE- filled projectile attached to a rocket motor. The hollow charge on initiation creates a deep pilot hole. HE projectile on entering this hole detonates, creating a big crater fulfilling the requirement. To remove/lower the height of bunds, an array of such devices is fired to get the desired result within the shortest possible time.


Follow-through Projectile: A cast aluminium shell has been developed to hold the main bursting charge. A suitable coupling has been made to accommodate the 68 mm arrow rocket motor. The design caters for accommodating the booster and the detonator. It has been developed with a proper MS liner and RDX/TNT explosives in an appropriate ratio to achieve the hole of required diameter and depth.

Salient Features

  • Man-portable (total weight around 20 kg)

  • Deployable on top of the bund

  • Number of devices put in an array can be detonated from one point

  • Manual deployment

  • Total time taken by an exercise is between 40-45 minutes

  • Size of crater created is around 4 m diameter and 2 m deep

  • Easy operation, can be deployed at night

  • Complete array can be fired with full safety with a small dynamo.



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