Telemetry is used for monitoring the guided missile for its performance during flight trials and ground tests. Self-destruct system destroys the missile if it goes rogue during the flight. DRDO has developed telecommand and telemetry systems like PCM telemetry system, 1553-based ASIC PCM encoder, digital telecommand system, C-band transmitter, S-band transmitter (MMIC), CDMA data link, conformal antenna system, and S-band transponder for aerospace and missile applications.

Strain Gauge Pressure Transducer
A lightweight, miniaturised, ruggedised strain gauge pressure transducer has been developed for application in aerospace, missiles, static testing of motors, process industries, satellite systems, steam turbines, oceanographic, etc. The transducer has a wheat-stone bridge configuration and a non-corrosive diaphragm.

Digital Telecommand System
          A digital telecommand system, used as command destruct system, for range safety purpose has been developed. The online programming of number of commands, data rate and command length has made the system secure. The system works on safe, arm, TT, and destruct command.

Command Logic Unit

1553-based Programmable PCM Telemetry System
The 1553-based programmable pcm telemetry system access digital data from onboard computer, inertial measuring unit, and missile interface unit in simultaneous remote and monitor mode and merge it with serial PCM stream along with the analog parameters. The PCM format, i.e., word length, frame length and synchronised code are fully programmable online.