The hallmark of all missile systems and subsystems development is high reliability and quality (R&Q). R&Q process commences at the concept stage itself. Requirements review, ergonomic and aesthetic design, testability, design review, flight trails, certification of missile systems, user compatibility, etc. are done as part of the reliability and quality process. DRDO has evolved a foolproof system to maintain the high standard that goes into making a successful missile system. Accordingly, every missile and sub-systems have to undergo a series of stern tests before final production.
The reliabilty and quality steps that DRDO takes to make a missile are: quality management, quality assurance, quality control, reliability analysis, requirements review, design review, test and evaluation, environmental stress screening, TEAS/SEAS, development of standards, development of QA documents, quality assessment, estimation of integrity, development and sustenance of quality systems based on TPDP-HMP, failure containment system, RQ-Net, certification of personnel and test set up, SQA, and IV&V.