Control system provides the required correction during mid-flight of a missile. DRDO has developed analogue and digital autopilots and a number of actuation systems for various missiles. Different types of actuation systems developed are electrohydraulic actuation system for aerodynamic, thrust vector and fin tip controls; lightweight, medium power blow-down electropneumatic actuation system, and electromechanical actuation system.

Electropneumatic Actuation System
A lightweight, medium power, blow-down, self-cleaning electropneumatic actuation system has been developed for short range SAM for driving aerodynamic control surface. The system comprises actuators, air bottles, pyro valves, pressure regulator, and control electronics.

Electromechanical Linear Actuator
       A high power, lightweight linear electromechanical linear actuator comprises a brush-less DC motor and a satellite roller mechanical screw with linear variable differential transformer as a positional sensor.

The actuator can withstand very high shock and vibration levels and generates a force of two ton with a bandwidth of 10 Hz. Product can be used in all types of aerospace vehicles.
DRDO has developed three types of electromechanical linear actuators for use in different missile systems.

Electromechanical Actuation System
        A lightweight, low power electro-mechanical actuation system with brush DC motors has been developed for antitank missiles for driving aerodynamic control surface.

It is a maintenance-free system with minimum number of components used for fin and jet vane control besides actuator power supply, and control electronics.

Electrohydraulic Servo Valve
     DRDO has developed a high gain, fast response, spool-type flow control electrohydraulic servo valve. Maximum operating pressure of the valve varies from 210 bar to 280 bar and rated flow varies from 10 lpm to 15 lpm with a bandwidth more than 200 Hz. The valve confirms to international standard ARP 490 E.

Salient Features

  • Flapper nozzle first stage

  • Stabilised materials, double coil, double air gaps and double nozzle

  • Amplifier to reduce temperature effects on performance

  • Frictionless flexure tube support for AFSA

  • High frequency response

On-Off Cold & Hot Gas Control Valve
       On-off cold and hot gas control valve is used for cold and hot gas reaction control systems. DRDO has developed different varieties of lightweight, compact, fast reacting and leakproof on-off valves based on flow, pressure, and operating voltage.

Electromechanical Fin & Jet Vane Actuation System
        Electromechanical fin and jet vane actuation system is used for dual actuation of fins (aero dynamic control) and jet vanes (thrust vector control). DRDO has developed a high speed bandwidth electromechanical actuator. The system accomplishes jettisoning of jet vanes using Murman band and electro-explosive pin puller. It controls dual actuation of fins and jet vanes simultaneously.