Carbon Fibre Composite Wings

The wings of Tejas have been designed to provide a minimum weight structure and to serve as integral fuel tanks. New materials like carbon fibre composite (CFC) and Al-Li alloy have been used for the wing construction of Tejas. As the wings carry fuel also, the lightning protection for wings has been evolved through detailed studies and experimentation. The wings are easy to maintain.

Salient Features
  • Top and bottom interspar skins and intermeDIATe spars made of CFC
  • Main wing-fuselage attachment brackets made of conventional and well proven A/ alloy
  • Heavily loaded components like pylon support brackets, slat track ribs made of Ti/Al alloy
  • Other machined and sheet metal components made from Al-Cu/Al-Li alloys
  • Most of the fasteners are Ti screws and stainless steel nuts/anchor nuts

Radome is a protective housing for radar antenna made from dielectric material that is transparent to RF energy. DRDO has developed Radomes of variable thickness using Kevlar low-loss polyester composite material and composite pilot adapter for Tejas to improve its electromagnetic performance. A lightweight and largest nose-cone radome in India has been developed meeting stringent electromagnetic specifications. Another solid wall radome has also been developed using matched-die-mould technique. All the radomes have been cleared after full scale structural, lighting and electromagnetic tests.