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Vol. 9 No.3 June 2001   

Conical Horn Array 8 x 1

A multi-beam scanning antenna system requires the use of several primary feeds (horns) conical.jpg (20205 bytes)arranged in a definite pattern for
feeding the secondary antenna (reflector/lens). The positioning of the horn is therefore very critical. As a result, it is highly beneficial to have this arrangement fabricated as a single unit with high accuracy.

An array of eight conical horns has been developed having an accuracy of   15 micrometer on dia, surface finish of 0.32 micrometer (CH 10 as per VDI 3400), and positioning tolerance of  5 micrometer between each horn. The job has been completed with electrolytic copper electrodes in three stages, namely, roughing (high material removal), semi-finishing, and micro-finishing (high surface finish) using both down and orbital cycles. These have been achieved through optimization of machine setting parameters and controlled flushing of dielectric oil from top, i.e. through a spindle.