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Vol. 9     No 3   June   2001 

Charge Line Mine Clearing (Vehicle)

A Charge Line Mine Clearing (Vehicle) (CLMC(V)) equipment has been designed and CLMC (V). Inset : Detonation of line charge in the mine fielddeveloped to meet the tactical and strategic requirement of the Army for neutralising enemy antitank land mines and creating a safe lane for the advancement of tanks or armoured vehicles in a warfield.

The equipment consists of an explosive filled 300 m long hose layed in a box and mounted on a two-wheel trailer capable of being towed by a tank. The explosive line charge is projected onto the minefield by a cluster of six rockets. The line charger gets straightened in flight with the help of parachute, detonates after landing and actuates the antitank mines by blast, resulting in creating a safe lane 6 m wide and more than 250 m long.

Safe lane created after actuation of antitank mines using CLMC (V)CLMC (V): Special Features

Explosive Charge

Length of line charge 300 m in 10 segments
Explosive Solid high explosive
Gross weight of line charge 3300 Kg

Rocket Cluster

No. of rockets 6
Propellant Double base
Thrust 2600 kg
Burning time 7 s


Safe lane created   6 m x 250-300 m
Stand-off distance 50-70 m
Time of operation Not more than 5 min