Vol. 10  No 3 June  2002

Medical & First Aid Kits

First Aid Kit CW Type 'A'

The First Aid Kit CW Type 'A' has been designed to treat the NBC injuries primarily to First Aid Kit CW Type 'A'augment first aid resources available with soldiers when speedy evacuation of casualties is not possible. The kit contains necessary medicines such as inhaler, antibiotics, antipyretic tablets, dressing pads, personal decontamination kit, three-colour detector paper, amylnitrate durules, etc. The contents of the kit are housed in an aluminium box with shoulder straps for hanging and securing the kit to the body of the soldier. The kit caters to four to six personnel. Semi-skilled personnel can use the kit.

Salient Features

Length : 330 mm
Width : 145 mm
Height : 115 mm
Weight : 2 kg
Shelf-life : Subject to expiry of medicines

Status :  Introduced into the Services and in regular production.

First Aid Kit CW Type 'B'

The management of casualties in CW environment necessitates augmentation of medical resources. The First Aid Kit CW Type 'B' has been developed to cater to such situations for immeDIATe treatment of CW casualties at Regimental Aid Posts by trained medical personnel. The kit consists of all essential medicines, drugs, injectibles, syringes, dressing materials, detector paper, water testing kit, etc. to cater to 50 to 60 personnel. The contents of the kit have been housed in an aluminium box compartmentalised into three parts to keep various materials. It can also be used at advanced dressing stations for treatment of casualties after decontamination .

Salient Features

Length : 708 mm
Width : 550 mm
Height : 506 mm
Weight : 52 kg
Shelf-life : Subject to expiry of medicine

Status :  Introduced into the Services and in regular production.


The resuscitator is an important medical equipment used as first aid in case of respiratory failure in ResusciatatorNBC environment. When an individual is not able to breathe on his own, air is forced into his lungs using the resuscitator. A canister connected to one end of the resuscitator provides air free from contaminants. The resuscitator consists of four assemblies, viz., rubber bladder, non-breathing valve system, facemask and canister. The weight of the main equipment is less than 1.6 kg.

Status :  Supplied to the Services.

Autoinjector Reusable

Autoinjector Reusable (AJ-I) is used for self-administration of nerve agent antidotes by the exposed personnel. It contains two tubes, proximal and distal, made of high strength tough plastic alloy. Distal tube houses the drug cartridge, while proximal tube bears a safety cap and push button. Both tubes are screwed into each other. An o-ring has been provided inside the distal tube to avoid damage to the glass catridge due to rough handling. It has a locking and firing mechanism as well as a high tensile strength spring for pulling back the plunger.

Autoinjector ReusableDrug cartridge is a glass cartridge with a convoluted needle and drug that is sealed at both ends with non-reactive self-sealing rubber septums. Loading of cartridge is through screw mechanism by which the injector can be separated and refixed. After loading the drug cartridge the safety cap is unlocked, the firing button is then released after placing the injector on the thigh.

Salient Features

Length 153 mm
Outer diameter : 19 m
Needle : 200 mm effective length
Glass Cartridge :
    Length : 50 mm
    Inner diameter : 11 mm
    Outer diameter : 14 mm
    Colour : Amber for PAM Chloride, colourless for Atropine Sulphate
    Atropine Sulphate : 2.1 ml (1 mg/ml)
    PAM Chloride : 2.1 ml (300 mg/ml)
Ejection time : Not more than 5 s
Shelf-life :
    Main body : 5 yr in factory packed condition
    Drug cartridge : 2 yr for Atropine Sulphate and 1 yr for PAM Chloride
Colour of main body : Cream with red safety cap for Atropine Sulphate injector and olive green with yellow safety cap for PAM Chloride injector

Status : Accepted by the Services.

Casualty Bag (Half & Full)

Casualty Bag (Half)The Casualty Bag (half) and Casualty Bag (full) have been developed to evacuate Casualty Bag (Full)wounded and incapacitated casualty from the contaminated environment. The bags are made from activated   charcoal coated non-woven fabric with desired breathability. The outer nylon layer of the bags are flame retardant and liquid repellant. Velcro fasteners have been provided for quick use. The Casualty Bag (half) covers top half of the body down to knees.

The inner layer of the Casualty Bag (full) is made of thick polyethylene laminate and can be used as ground sheet also. The full-length bag is used with stretcher.

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