Pan/Tilt Platform for Vision Systems

Pan/Tilt Platform for Vision Systems

A pan/tilt platform has been developed for deployment of the vision systems onboard the ROV. The platform is driven by stepper motors and a specially designed microcontroller-based miniature drive circuit. It can carry a payload of upto 5 kg and has a range of + 30o in tilt and + 135o in pan. A waterproof enclosure has been mounted on the platform for the housing of the vision systems. An auto-iris charged-coupled digital camera (CCD) coupled with a motorised zoom and focus lens is housed inside this enclosure. The platform has been designed using aluminium components, phosphor-bronze gears and FRP covers to reduce weight.

Salient Features

  • Lightweight construction

  • 12 V DC powered

  • Inbuilt control circuit for pan/tilt and zoom/focus

  • Digital motion control

  • Waterproof enclosure in FRP