Master Control Station

Master Control Station

The master control station (MCS) is a trolley-based console for remote operation of the ROV. It is an independent unit powered by batteries, and self-contained so as to be deployable along with the ROV. It has an ergonomically designed display with touch-screen interface to aid the operator. The MCS has communication equipment for both command and control as well as image transmission from robot to the MCS. The operator controls the vehicle using a membrane keypad and joysticks. The operator interface is user-friendly and visual, and facilitates usage with minimal training. The software has been coded in Visual C++ and Java.

Salient Features

  • Trolley-based independent system for remote control

  • Intel Pentium processor-based controller

  • Inbuilt high intensity TFT LCD VGA monitor with touch-screen interface

  • Speed control on joysticks with inching control

  • Open architecture under Windows operating system

  • Powerful software protocol for communication and control

  • Biometric sensors for authentication and safety

  • Online x-ray image transmission with image processing capability during handling of IEDs

  • Compact rechargeable batteries

  • Inbuilt VHF voice communication facility

  • Optional fibre optic control