Manipulator Arm

Manipulator Arm

A versatile robotic arm with six degrees of freedom has been designed and developed for the ROV. The arm has been designed so as to have the optimal configuration while in folded condition, for stability during steep slope and staircase climbing. The unique geometry of the arm allows it to be extended to reach the roof as well as scan the underbelly of any parked vehicle. The arm is capable of lifting load using detachable grippers. The normal reach of the arm is 2.5 m, which with the help of some special extension elements can reach upto 4 m during exigencies. The components used in the manipulator arm including the motors, gearboxes, and actuators are completely indigenous and are, therefore, easily maintainable.

Salient Features

  • Six degrees of freedom

  • Five rotary joints and one linear joint

  • Detachable grippers

  • 2.5 m normal reach extendable upto 4 m

  • Lifting capacity upto 20 kg

  • Versatile geometry to extend below vehicles