Linear Actuator

Linear Actuator

A versatile linear actuator has been developed wherein a linear bearing is housed in an aluminium body. The bearing gives a very smooth linear movement and also ensures a high cross-load bearing capability.
The ram shaft of the actuator is a lightweight rigid hollow shaft that is hard chrome plated, and precisely ground. The linear motion to the ram is provided with the help of a ball screw. The inner face of the ram tube is mounted on a nut of the ball screw. The ball screw when rotated moves the ram tube in or out of the linear actuator. A full guide key, hARDEned and suitably ground, has been provided to prevent the rotation of the ram shaft. A pair of unique four-point contact and zero clearance ball bearings have been used to drive the ball screws. These bearings have pre-loaded balls, which help in taking substantial radial, axial, and moment loads.

Internal view of ball screw and nut           Linear bearing and ram tube

Salient Features

  • Electrically (24 V DC) operated

  • Stroke upto 1500 mm

  • Axial load capacity: 1000 N

  • Speed: 60 mm/s

  • Anti-rotation mechanism

  • Linear bearing

  • Static load rating: 810 kgf

  • Dynamic load rating: 390 kgf

  • Ball screw

  • Static load rating: 1130 kgf

  • Dynamic load rating: 570 kgf