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Vol . 8 No. 1 February 2000

Ground-Based & Airborne Radar Systems

During the last three decades, DRDO has developed capability in designing antennas Indra Radar Systemfor various ground-based and airborne radar systems being developed inhouse. The antennas made with this technology have also been supplied to the outside agencies in India and abroad. Various state-of-the-art technologies have been adopted to perfect the design and to realise antennas and integrate them with radar systems, successfully. So far, the technologies have been developed for various types of reflector antennas, phased array antennas, resonant and nonresonant slotted waveguide arrays, feed systems for phased arrays, and reflectors. Presently, the microwave multi-beam antenna technology is being developed. Besides, expertise has also been developed in establishing the automated antenna near-field test measurement facilities. The synthesis of large aperture antennas by discrete array of elemental raDIATors forms one of the DRDO's core competencies.

The overall antenna development activity in DRDO can be broadly divided into two categories:

Design Capabilities

Reflector Antenna Technology

Phased Array Technology

Slotted Waveguide Array Technology

Others, including VSAT antenna feed, high power dual polarised feed system for Doppler weather radar, passive waveguide components using microwave CAD like monopulse comparators, tees? directional couplers, OMTs, unequal power dividers, etc.

Measurement Capabilities

Near-Field Test Ranges

Spherical Near-Field Measurement (SNFM) Facility

Planar Near-Field Measurement (PNFM) Facility

Cylindrical Near-Field Measurement (CNFM) Facility

Automated Planar Near-Field Measurement Facility (APNFM)

Outdoor Test Range Facility