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 Logistical and technical requirements for developing a viable medical product for internal use are qualitatively different from those required for developing an agricultural product or an in vitro diagnostic test. The time and finances required to develop a biomedical product for internal use (from scratch to deliverable technology after user trials) are of the order of 10 years and $ 600-800 million, respectively as per industrial norms.

There has been a paradigm shift in the research and development direction in Biomedical Science in DRDO. The heterogeneous medical and basic scientific manpower of DRDO is now directed towards product development. Efforts are being placed more on products that address the present requirements of the users (Defence Forces as well as the civil sector) and can be delivered in a short period of time with the competence and facilities available locally, even while maintaining the originality and patentability of the products.

The problem of specialist manpower has been largely negated by developing functional collaborations across-the-board with pharma industry and clinical institutions, mostly on non-commercial basis, for mutual benefits. Certain new emerging concepts have been used in a big way to significantly reduce the time and financial inputs that were once considered inevitable pre-requisites for developing biomedical products, particularly for internal human use. Another policy innovation has been to encourage the same group to work upon a number of products simultaneously by effective time management.

Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences, a life science laboratory of DRDO, has done commendable work by developing useful and cost-effective biomedical products that are not only useful for our Defence Forces but also for society at large. These products include medical devices, diagnostic kits, prosthesis, original drug molecules and formulations to be used internally, often by intravenous route.

It is heartening to note that the achievements of INMAS are being covered in the forthcoming issues of Technology Focus. I hope this will be useful in creating awareness about the technologies developed by this laboratory.
I congratulate all the members associated with Technology Focus.

(Dr W Selvamurthy)
Outstanding Scientist
Chief Controller R&D (LS & HR)