Vol. 10  No 1 February 2002

Mobile Platform For Sarvatra

The requirement of speedy erection of temporary bridges over canals and ditches in the battlefield is always a prerequisite for any ground force. The rapid assembly/retrivel of bridge and disposal of the bridge column and its task force is necessary.

Mobile Platform for SarvatraDRDO has developed a suitable mobile platform for transportation and launching/de-launching of 15 m long bridges on TATRA 815 VVN 8 x 8 chassis to meet the requirement of the Army both in terms of load carrying capacity and obstacle crossing ability. The vehicle is driveable from both ends to position and align it for launching/de-launching of multi-span bridges. A small cabin with required driving controls is fitted centrally at the rear for this purpose. The cabin, engine, etc. have been shifted towards front to facilitate adequate space for the bridge superstructure along with launching geometry. To withstand the specific load in the transport as well as the launching mode, the chassis frame and suspension have also been suitably reinforced.

The 15 m Sarvatra bridging system is capable of bridging both dry and wet gaps. All user trials comprising four phases have been completed and the system has been accepted by the Army for introduction into the Services.

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