The advent of laser diode pump sources combined with the ever present quest for miniaturization has given impetus to the development of ultra-compact laser devices based on solid-state microchip crystals. These devices can generate beams with extremely high beam quality, single longitudinal mode and ultra short pulse durations. The microchip concept has also been extended to include both high power, Q-switched and electrooptically tunable devices. Such features make them very attractive for many scientific, industrial and defence applications.

Palmtop laser module                                                                     CAD model

DRDO has developed a palmtop green laser module generating 50 mW power @ 532 nm in CW mode. It is based on a diode pumped Nd:YVO4 microchip laser with KTP crystal for intracavity second harmonic generation. The module contains a 500 mW laser diode (808 nm) with integrated driver. A short focal length lens has been employed for focusing the beam inside the monolithic microchip laser.

Laser head                                                      Laser module in operation