Stretcher forms an essential item in the inventory of any army. The stretchers, which are in use in the Indian Armed Forces, are bulky and heavy and do not fit into the concept of modern day battle in which the soldier is expected to be lightly clad and heavily armed.
DRDO has developed a stretcher, which weighs around 6 kg and can carry the weight of a 100 kg adult. A high performance fabric has also been developed in collaboration with a private enterprise to replace the existing canvas.
Based on extensive research and the design requirements of this stretcher, the fabric has been woven using nylon 6, 6 yarn (Cordura® by M/s DuPont).

Technical Specifications
Denier of yarn : 500
No. of plies in yarn : Single
No. of filaments per ply : 140
Tenacity of yarn : 40 cN/tex
Twist per inch : Texturised yarn
Yarn description : 500-140-0-440; Merge: 18936

This fabric has got excellent mechanical properties and also offers resistance to bacteria, mould growth, fungus, water (especially sea water), and corrosion. It is 60 per cent lighter than canvas fabric presently being used.
This fabric has been developed for the first time in India and has numerous other defence applications in all the three Services. It has all-weather capabilities, takes less drying time and offers ruggedness, strength, endurance, excellent abrasion resistance, good tear and puncture resistance, extreme fade resistance, etc. The fabric can be used for making combat uniforms, high altitude and winter clothing, tents, hovercrafts, uppers of jungle boots, harnesses, covers, luggage, web equipment, ground sheets, and parachutes.

Salient Features
Areal density : 272 gsm
Breaking load (1” grab, tensile) : 130 kg x 106 kg
Breaking load (5 cm x 20 cm strip, tensile) : 220 kg x 180 kg
Tear load (warp) : >6524 kg
Shrinkage (after 3 washes) : 4.2 per cent x 3 per cent