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Vol. 9 No 6 December 2001 

Product Generation System

The earth station (DESSI) at DEAL is receiving data (PAN, LISS and WIFS sensors) daily from IRS satellites 1C and 1D. After the satellite passes the data, it is archived in DLT in FRED  format. Further, this FRED format data is processed by product generation system for generating scenes as per NRSA world referencing scheme (path/row-based). The uncorrected data is then corrected for radiometric and geometric errors. Various  types of products including geocoded and map overlay can be provided to the prospective users. A large number of products have been supplied to various users including DRDO sister labs.


Resolution : 5.8 m
Size : 70 km x 70 km
23 km x 23 km
Resolution : 23.5 m
Size : 140 km x 140 km
Resolution : 5.8 m
Size : 720 km x 720 km