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Vol. 9 No 6 December 2001 

Optical Correlator System

Optical correlater systemDRDO has developed a compact correlator for guidance applications using spatial light modulator (SLM) in Fourier planes, laser diodes for illuminating the inputs and micro cameras for capturing the results. The correlation is required for the identification of different objects in a particular scene. The conventional correlators use matched filters for target detection. The development of a match filter itself is a quite lengthy and cumbersome process. Therefore, in strategic and tactical applications this type of  conventional method is not very useful, specially where rapidly changing match filters are required in quick succession for the detection of different types of targets. The joint transform correlator (JTC) is a novel approach for target detection in which the need of a match filter is completely avoided. In addition, the JTC configuration does not require precise alignment techniques. This type of system will have applications in the missile guidance and airborne platforms.