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Vol. 9 No 6 December 2001 

Image Visualization

The image visualisation software developed by DRDO is an important tool in image interpretation and allows browsing of full satellite image. The full image is displayed in resampled resolution. The software can handle single band and multispectral images under Windows NT environment and provides handling of multiple scenes in different windows. Virtual partitioning of a single image to get multiple views is also provided. The software is able to import data from LSGOWG, generic binary and TIFF (uncompressed) format. The area of interest (AOI) can be extracted and visualised in original resolution from the full image interactively. The size of AOI can be varied interactively and can be enhanced and zoomed to the desired level. The software provides latitude/longitude values of each point in the image. The area and length measurements of any object in the image can be done interactively. The software   provides general scene information, with the printing facility on A4 sheet also.