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Vol. 9 No 6 December 2001 

3-D Visualization

The three dimensional (3-D) visualisation software generates 3-D views for a full topographic map. It essentially inputs a digital elevation model of the area to be visualised and can generate four different views of the terrain. These are wiremesh model view, solid view, pseudo colour view, and image draped view. The wiremesh model uses the polygon approximation view and generates a quick view of the terrain. The solid view eliminates the hidden surfaces and provides a perception of depth. The pseudo colour maps the height of the terrain to various colours and gives the user a perception of height. The image draped view uses satellite image to generate a realistic view of the terrain. The software has provision to overlay the features digitised from the map onto the views. The complexity of the display can be increased or decreased to generate more realistic views. The user can also rotate the views (about 360o) along the horizontal and vertical axes.

3-D Visualisation