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Vol . 8      No. 4    August  2000

Airworthiness & Certification

Considerable facilities established in the area of airworthiness and certification of military aircraft and airborne components have played an important role in support of aeronautics by determining and certifying the ability of the aircraft and its components to perform when airborne. Some of the products recently certified are :

Vertical Gyro

Vertical GyroVertical Gyro is for use on PTA, Lakshya. It delivers pitch and roll electrical signals representative of aircraft attitude through 360o in roll and 85o in pitch through corresponding synchros.





Outside Air Temperature Gauge

Outside Air Temperature Gauge is used in a helicopter to indicate outside air temperature, Outside Air Temperature GaugeThe unit is a bimetal type temperature indicator, Due to change in temperature, the bimetal changes its curvature which is calibrated to indicate outside temperature.

Attitude Interface Unit

Attitude Interface UnitAttitude Interface Unit is used on an antenna stabilization sub-system of Primus 500 weather radar system of, AN-32 aircraft for converting a/c attitude Altitude Encoder Unit synchro signals compatible to Primus-500 antenna stabilisation servo system.



Data Acquisition System

Data Acquisition Unit is a microprocessor (68000)-controlled line replaceable unit (LRU) of crash data recorder for use on LCA to acquire critical aircraft parameters which would be required for analyses in the event of crash/incident,

Cartridge Ejector Release Unit

Cartridge Ejector Release Unit has been approved vide Type Approval No.842, This is Cartridge Ejector Release Unitused in ejector release unit of Jaguar aircraft for jettisoning the store when required. About 5484 units have been produced since approval.

Altitude Encoder Unit

Altitude Encoder UnitThe Altitude Encoder Unit is designed and developed by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Lucknow. The unit has been approved vide Type Approval No. 761. It is used along with IFF to provide Gilham coded instantaneous digital output corresponding to the altitude of the aircraft for secondary surveillance radar (SSR) pressure altitude transmission.


Brake Pads of Islander Aircraft

The brake pads were designed and developed by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Foundry and tfaug2000(w).jpg (20493 bytes)Forge Division, Bangalore. The iron base metalloceramics brake pads are used in the main wheel brakes of Islander aircraft of the Indian Navy for wheel braking during normal landing as well as for emergency operations.