Vol.7     No.4       August/September1999                                                                 ISSN:0971-4413
Bulletin of Defence Research & Development Organisation


MATERIALSTurbine blades & vanes

The present day armament and weapon systems demand
the use of state-of-the-art materials with stringent specifications.DRDO has developed a large number of newer materials and associated process technologies and stands committed to fulfil the national mission of self-reliance in defence systems.


Past three decades have seen development of a number of technologies, processes and products in materials and its allied  areas. These developments have stemmed out of the need to tap country’s natural resources or the need to offer import substitutes or to support fresh requirements of defence systems. Some of the significant contributions made by the DRDO in this field are summarised in the following sections.


From the desk of Special Editors

Advances in science, technology and engineering are undergoing change at a very rapid pace. In order to avoid obsolescence, scientists are called upon to cater for the increasingly exacting demands in terms of newer materials for complex and sophisticated uses. Self-reliance in critical technologies is dependent on the availability of these materials and related technology. R&D efforts of DRDO and collaborative programmes with other S&T organisations, academia and industries have resulted in indigenous development of a large variety of special materials, devices, processes, products and systems.

This special issue highlights some of the technological achievements of DRDO in materials and allied areas.

Dr AK Datta

Ramesh Kumar


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