Road Mobile Launcher for Agni l

A 25 m long, 3.2 m wide and 4.2 m high road mobile launcher has been developed for transporting, erecting and launching surface- to-surface missile Agni l. This road mobile launcher gives the flexibility to launch the missile from any place connected by road anywhere in India. The missile payload can be integrated on launcher itself. Complete realisation of the launcher has been done indigenously. All critical components are indigenous or else available easily. Launching can be done remotely as well as manually. The system has inbuilt power supply and controls. A compact missile transportation and integration system has been used to integrate the missile with launch beam for erection. Missile is fired vertically.

                                                                                                                                     RML for Agni I

Salient Features


  • Rear wheel steerable trailer

  • Hydraulic suspension

  • Road mobility

  • Single stage tilting from 00 to 900

  • Remote control launching with manual override

  • Various inbuilt safety features

  • Facility to stop tilting in any position

Rail Mobile Launcher for Agni ll

The successful launches of Agni ll from the static launcher have demonstrated the indigenous re-entry technology for IRBMS/ICBMS available in country. For deployment of this long-range missile system, need for mobility was felt. The task of converting the mastered technology into an operational weapon system has resulted in development of launching platform to carry the missile. Rail mobile launcher platform is a 27m long special purpose wagon on broad gauge. It houses tilt beam, transportation support, mating, integration and erection support. It is capable of performing all the operations required at launch sites. A payload integration device has been provided to facilitate payload changing from conventional to nuclear and vice versa. The technologies successfully demonstrated during the development of this launching platform are:

                                                                                                                  RML for Agni ll. Inside: Agni during launch

rail mobility for IRBM class of missile, 6' verticality accuracy in both the planes, jet deflector to divert hot gases away from launcher tried successfully for the first time in the country, dynamic behaviour of launching platform for hot launch of IRBM class of missile, stiffness-based design of tilt beam and launching mechanism to suit the permissible deflection, hot launch concept for IRBM, first-stage support arm assembly for 15 ton compressive load.


Salient Features


  • The wagon/platform is levelled by five sets of hydraulic actuator/outrigger cylinders

  • Tilting of missile is done in three stages by four hydraulic actuators

  • Tilting is done through electronic controller remotely within accuracy of 90 + 6' verticality in either plane

  • The mission-critical first-stage support arm assembly clears the path of missile within 200 ms