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Vol. 9 No.1&2 February-April 2001 


DRDO has developed agro-technologies for high altitudes to provide highly perishable fresh foods. such as vegetables, fruits, mIlk, meat and poultry locally to the Services. It has evolved, innovated and indlgenised a host of food technologies suitable for production of packaged Instant. convenient. processed and preserved products and rations for use In different situations In sea. mountains. arctic and space. To maintain fighting fit state among troops in all situations. It has developed several of devices and protocols including accllmatlsatlon schedules. stress management and adaptation. Diagnostic kit. medical devices and therapeutic measures have been standardized by developing biomedical and bioengineering technologies. DRDO laboratories are progressing projects in lIfe sciences pertaining to man behind the weapon in both peace and combat situatuions. Some such technologies and products developed by DRDO are documented in this issue.

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