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Vol. 9 No.1&2 February-April 2001 

Defence Personnel Selection Technologies

Selection of proper person for an organisation--defence or civil--is of paramount importance. To select a potentially suitable person for defence, DRDO develops and updates appropriate selection procedures/technologies. Recently, the following selection technologies have been developed:

Two-Phase Selection System

A two-phase selection system has been developed and introduced at the SSBs /AFSBs. In stage I, screening is done assessing intelligence and personality attributes. The introduction of this new system reduces the unwanted workload on the assessors and allows them to spend more time and efforts on a candidate in the school stage of selection, thereby bringing more objectivity in the system. It is designed to improve quality of manpower and possibly the rate of selection as well. Besides, it will also reduce administrative workload to the minimum and effect huge saving to the public exchequer.

Airmen Selection Software for Allocation of Trades in IAF

With the Indian Air Force coming of age in modern aviation technology and sophistication, the need of reverse personnel selection policies with regard to recruitment of its men has become imperative. Such a revision is necessary to keep pace with the changing job requirements and the training measures. It also ensures optimum percentage of adequate number of suitable personnel in the organisation by measuring individual differences objectively through standardised tests and testing procedure based on psychometric principles. A new Airmen Selection Software has been designed and developed to assist in allocating trades to candidates. The said software has been handed over to the users (the Indian Air Force) and is being implemented for selection and trade allocation of the IAF personnel in eight centres allover the country.

Development of New Aptitude Test Battery for MT Drivers

A new battery for driving aptitude was developed for drivers of the Army. It comprised four tests, namely, (i) Intelligence, (ii) Digit Symbol Test, (iii) Action Judgement Test, and (iv) Space Determination Test. These tests have been found reliable and valid and are being used by the Army.