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Vol . 8      No. 2    April  2000

Phased Array Antenna for IFF System

A state-of-the-art linear phased array antenna system has been designed andtfapr25.jpg (16977 bytes)developed for IFF application. The antenna functions in conjunction with a multifunction primary phased array radar meant for the guidance of Akash missile. The role of IFF array is to supplement an important decision about friend or foe to the primary radar system to take decision about the delivery of the weaponry. This linear array consists of 17 low profile printed circuit dipole antennas and excited through power dividers and 4-bit p-i-n diode phase shifters. It is capable of generating interrogate and control raDIATion patterns in transmission mode and sum and difference pattern in receive mode using monopulse technique. The antenna provides inertia-less scanning in steps of 1 over 45 sector in azimuth plane. The BITE facility is incorporated to check the health of the system. This array has been integrated with the system and primary radar successfully.