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Shaped Charge Warheads

     Technologies Established                      Products Developed

â—Š	 Development of Oxygen Free Electronic (OFE)                                           8 kg Main warhead-NAG/
    grade Copper                                                                                SANT/HELINA

â—Š	 Establishing flow forming for manufacturing        Tandem warhead-NAG
    precision liners

â—Š	 Design and development of wave shaper

â—Š	 Design of precision initiation couplers
â—Š	 Explosive machining for precision shaped

    charge warheads
â—Š	 1D mathematical and 2D simulation for

    performance prediction
â—Š	 Development of pressure casting technology for

    explosive filling
â—Š	 Tandem shaped charge warhead against

    Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA) protected

                                                                          50 kg Warhead-light weight

                                                    10 kg Warhead-missile
                                                    launched PGM

Explosive machining                                Flow forming facility

Warhead for Missiles, Torpedoes and Rockets							                        May-June 2018 9
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