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Fragmentation Warheads

Technologies Developed                                     Products Delivered

â—Š	 Development of HEMEX-high density, high shock           1000 kg PF Warhead-Prithvi  500 kg PF Warhead-Prithvi
    insensitive, fuel rich explosive

â—Š	 Development of high explosive-DENTEX optimised
    in terms of Velocity of Detonation (VOD) and blast

â—Š	 Testing and evaluation methodologies
â—Š	 Fabrication of metallic casings with internal/external

   notching through investment casting, hot forming and
â—Š	 High density Tungsten alloy fragments using powder
    metallurgy technique
â—Š	 Shock impedance mismatch technique for preventing
   spallation of fragments with high charge to metal mass
   (C/M) ratio
â—Š	 Variable Mass Preformed Fragmentation (VMPF)
    concept for achieving uniform lethality and improved
    hit density
â—Š	 Mathematical models which can accurately predict the
    performance, viz., spatial distribution and lethality

                                                           15 kg PF Warhead-Trishul    65 kg PF Warhead-

                                                                                               125 kg PF Air delivery bomb
                                                                                                                                               300 kg Natural

                                                                                                                                          fragmenting warhead-

8 May-June 2018 								Warhead for Missiles, Torpedoes and Rockets
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