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Various Targets and Types of Warheads Meant to Defeat Them

Targets                                                   Type of Warheads

Soft skinned vehicles, parked aircraft in open, Fragmentation warheads
personnel, aircraft and missiles

Armour protected combat vehicles, Main Battle Shaped charge and explosively formed projectile warheads
Tanks (MBT)

Bunkers, runways, administrative buildings, Penetration-cum-blast warhead
concrete protected targets

Petrol oil lubricant dumps, personnel in open, Incendiary warheads
railway marshalling yards, etc.

Underwater targets like submarines, light Blast warheads
concrete buildings, personnel in open

     Penetration-cum-Blast              resulted in successful development       Warheads Developed for
            Warheads                    of airframe opening mechanisms for       Various Weapon Systems
                                        medium calibre rockets and missile
   Penetration-cum-Blast (PCB)          systems.                                     Warhead technology has passed
warheads are a class of warheads                                                through an evolutionary process
used against concrete protected            To achieve a wide area coverage,     starting from empirical studies to
structures. These are generally         a two stage ejection system has been    high end simulation and sophisticated
ogive shaped projectiles containing     developed. An innovative technique      testing. ARDE has been the nodal
explosives intended to breach the       of warhead test vehicle has been        lab for the development of various
concrete protection and then burst.     evolved with combined efforts of        warheads for guided missiles, artillery
The laboratory has developed            warhead and missile designers. In       rockets, torpedoes, etc.
PCB warheads of different mass          this technique, the warhead is carried
category for variety of missiles and    by a helicopter to a higher altitude       High Energy Materials Research
ammunition.                             and released. A parachute is used to    Laboratory (HEMRL), Pune provides
                                        stabilise the system. To achieve near   necessary support for the development
    Submunition Warheads                terminal conditions, the warhead        and processing of explosives. Large
                                        is boosted by a rocket motor after      scale testing and performance
   In this type of warhead, the mother  release.                                evaluation are carried out at Terminal
warhead holds the submunitions                                                  Ballistics Research Laboratory
till the desired point in the flight       Dual purpose improved                (TBRL), Chandigarh and Proof and
and dispenses them over the target      conventional bomblet, incendiary,       Experimental Establishment (PXE),
area. Several types of submunition      prefragmentation and penetration-       Balasore. Many spin-off technologies
warheads have been developed using      cum-blast submunitions have been        have been established during the
base ejection for 120/155 artillery     established for development of various  development of warheads. Glimpses of
rounds and low calibre rocket systems.  warheads for Prithvi missile, Pinaka    different types of warheads developed
The design of submunition warheads      rocket and Artillery rounds.            by the laboratory for various weapon
for medium and large calibre rockets                                            systems and associated technologies
and missiles had been a challenge to                                            developed are given in the following
the designer for quite a long time.                                             sections.

   The development of low charge
linear shaped charge technology,
milligram level pyro-cartridges,
accurate electric sequencers have

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