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Warhead for Missiles, Torpedoes and Rockets
After the Defence Research                whole spectrum of activities related      and ammunition, warheads for
& Development Organisation                to the complex, multi-disciplinary        IGMDP missiles, Arjun armament,
was created as an inter-service           field of conventional armament            Adrushy influence munitions and
organisation in 1958, the                 technology. These activities comprise     various categories of aircraft bombs
existing Technical Development            basic and applied research and            and naval armament. One of the most
Establishment  (Ammunition)               development, prototyping, test and        prestigious programmes of DRDO,
and Technical Development                 evaluation, modeling, simulation          namely design and development of
Establishment (Weapons) were              and software development, Transfer        a 155 mm/52 Cal Advanced Towed
reorganised into two separate             of Technology (TOT) and limited           Artillery Gun System (ATAGS) is
establishments—Armament Research          scale pilot-plant production of           making rapid strides. ARDE has
and Development Establishment             crucial items. A full fledged Pashan      also taken up several programmes
(ARDE) to carry out R&D functions,        Range for test and evaluation, a          for developing precision guided
and Chief Inspectorate of Armaments       prototype manufacturing unit for          munitions, some of which are the
(CIA) to look after the production        making prototypes for weapon              Guided Pinaka Rocket, Anti-tank
and inspection functions. These two       development and modern pilot plants       Guided Missile for Arjun MBT and
establishments came into being with       for production of air power cartridges    450 kg guided bomb.
effect from 1st September 1958.           and PZT components are some
                                          unique features.
   ARDE, Pune is an inter-service
establishment catering to the needs          ARDE is an ISO 9001:2008
of all the three wings of the Indian      certified laboratory. Over the years, it
Armed Forces—army, navy and air           has contributed several major weapon
force. The philosophy of ARDE is          systems and sub-systems such as
to be of “Service to the Services”.       Pinaka Multibarrel Rocket Launcher
The capability of ARDE embraces a         System, INSAS family of weapons


   Warhead is a specific device or        and metallic fragments interact
a part of the Armament System             with targets with energy levels much
which causes desired damage to the        exceeding their strength, the targets
target and renders it incapable of        collapse. Explosives detonate when
performing its intended function.         suitably initiated. Detonation is a
Generally chemical energy contained       violent decomposition of explosive,
in high explosives is used to achieve     releasing large amounts of heat and
the desired kill effect. There are other
sources of high energy such as nuclear
sources, high power laser, etc. This
issue discusses various technologies
involved in conventional warheads
containing high explosives.

   Explosives are in a meta-stable        Explosives are in metastable state        Typical missile and warhead location
state, and when suitably initiated,
they release large amount of energy
in the form of blast, sound and
heat. Chemical energy stored in the
explosives is converted to kinetic
energy of the expanding metallic
casing and gases. When these gases

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