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                                 Warheads at a Glance

         Weapon System                     Warhead Type                      Weight Class

Prithvi                                    Pre-fragmented                 1000 kg and 500 kg

                                           Runway denial penetration               55 kg
                                           submunition                             15 kg
                                                                                    8 kg
                                           DPICM bomblet                           50 kg
                                                                                   80 kg
Akash                                      Incendiary submunition                 300 kg
Trishul                                    Pre-fragmented                          15 kg
Anti-tank Guided Missiles ATGM-NAG/        Pre-fragmented
HELINA /SANT                               Tandem shaped charge                   100 kg
Advanced light weight Torpedo
                                           Shaped charge                           80 kg
Smart Anti Air field (SAAW) air delivered  Penetration-cum-blast                   40 kg
bomb                                                                              200 kg
Subsonic cruise vehicle-Nirbhay            Penetration-cum-blast                  200 kg
Astra                                      Pre-fragmented
Artillery rocket-Pinaka                    Pre-fragmented                          32 kg
                                                                                   60 kg
                                           DPICM subminition
                                                                          350 kg and 700 kg
                                           Soft target submunition        250 kg and 450 kg
                                                                          500 kg, 250 kg and
AAD Interceptor                            Anti-tank submunition
PAD Interceptor                            Pre-fragmented                         125 kg
Prahaar                                    Pre-fragmented
BrahMos                                    Pre-fragmented
                                           Antiship (Blast and naturally
Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile      fragmenting)
(QRSAM)                                    Pre-fragmented
New Generation Anti-radiation Missile
(NGARM)                                    Pre-fragmented

High Speed Low Drag (HSLD) Bomb            Penetration-cum-blast
Air delivered bombs                        Penetration-cum-blast

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