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                                  Sequence of events of dynamic testing of thermobaric ammunition

120 mm TB                         Detonation of thermobaric ammunition on RCC block – Effect on target
ammunition                              Dynamic tests and target effects–120 mm TB Ammunition

                                         Future Plans

ARDE has undertaken several protection levels are also improving. areas, collateral damage needs to be
technology development activities Hence demand for high performance minimum. Future requirement is
on advanced warhead development. warhead systems is increasing. Since warheads with higher accuracy and
These are aimed at enhancing the present war is fought in urban low collateral damage.
the performance of conventional
warheads. A few of them are high
performance shaped charges
having low length to diameter   Pre-frag-       Conventional PF  Fragment             KE Rod Warheads   Deformable
ratio, concrete penetrating     mented          Warheads         generators &                           Warheads &
warheads based on follow        Warheads                         Detonation Wave                        Energetic
                                                                 Aiming warheads                        Fragments
through technology and
kinetic energy rod warhead
against tactical ballistic                      Conventional     Directional Blast    Enhanced Blast    Advanced
missile class of targets.       Blast Warheads  Blast Warheads   Warheads             Warheads          Thermobaric
                                                Warheads                                                Warheads
Warhead     technology
development is complex
in nature owing to various
factors. Warhead technology     Shaped          Conventional     Precision Tandem     Shaped Charges    Low L/D Shaped
is a multi-disciplinary field.  Charge          Point Initiated  Shaped Charge        Against Concrete       Charges &
Knowledge in various fields     Warheads        Shaped Charges   Warheads             & Underwater
                                                                                                        Tandem Warheads
                                                                                          Targets         for Underwater

is essential to effectively
design warheads. Warhead        Panetra-                                                                Deep Penetration
mechanism is an ultra           tion-cum        Small Caliber Low Small Caliber High  High Caliber      Warheads (Follow
high speed phenomenon.          Blast Wareads                                         Warheads          Through and Layer
                                                L/D Projectiles  L/D Projectiles
specialised testing and
Evaluation requirements
are required to visualise
the events. As warhead          Warhead         1990-2000        2000-2010            2010-2020         Beyond 2020
technology  advances,

                                                Future technology development plans

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